• Rottcher Orange Winery Range in White River, Caterbridge, Lifestyle Centre Mpumalanga
  • Rottcher Orange Winery Range in White River, Caterbridge, Lifestyle Centre Mpumalanga
  • Rottcher Orange Winery Range in White River, Caterbridge, Lifestyle Centre Mpumalanga
  • Rottcher Orange Winery Range in White River, Caterbridge, Lifestyle Centre Mpumalanga
  • Rottcher Orange Winery Range in White River, Caterbridge, Lifestyle Centre Mpumalanga



How It All Began

The Sonnegold Orange Winery was established by Mr Rottcher, a German immigrant near Greytown in 1916. Necessity was the “Mother of Invention” as with no grapes available wine was made from oranges and served at the Holy Communion. Grandson, Kurt Rottcher continued the family tradition and Rottcher Wineries was officially started in White River in the Heidelberg Valley in 1959! Rottcher Wineries was sold to Koot and Loura van den Heever in 1983 and then to Christine and Jaco Nel in 2008. Rottcher’s was then relocated to its present location at Casterbridge Lifestyle Centre where the poduct range has been increased by current owner and distiller, Frank Theron.

Frank’s passion and enthusiasm has included purchasing stills which have added another exciting aspect to Rottcher’s product range. Frank is justifiably proud of Rottcher’s unique range of fermented and distilled products. Rottcher’s offer drinks which are a secret blend of zesty Lowveld citrus and cane sugar, all carefully nurtured in their White River cellar until perfectly matured!

Rottcher Today!

The Man …Frank Theron, owner and distiller buys, creates and develops Rottcher into “Distillers of Distinction”!

At the beginning of 2012 Frank Theron bought Rottcher Wineries. Encouraged by his friends, assisted by the former owners, and greatly motivated by his personal passion for wine and his own hobby of collecting wines, he took the reins with energy and enthusiasm. 

As the proud new owner, he immediately decided that the winery needed innovation and spark which brought about his long-term plans to expand and introduce an exciting selection of new products. 

Frank’s vision for the winery is to ensure that Rottcher flourishes and will remain as a prominent landmark on the Lowveld tourism and commercial map for generations to come.



Fermentation process:

Using oranges instead of grapes!

People have been making fermented beverages for centuries. Mead, or honey wine was produced in Asia during the Vedic period (around 1700-1100BC).

The Greeks, Celts, Saxons and Vikings also produced this beverage.

However, in Rome, China, Babylon and Egypt people made wine from grapes and beer from malted barley.

The Latin word fervere (to boil) was used to describe this process as the mixtures which were kept in large vessels produced bubbles, as though they were boiling.

A fine eye is required to ensure the correct length of fermentation with temperature and air exposure being key factors to success!

Rottcher uses an age-old traditional method of fermentation to create a unique range of drinks. Rottcher “orange wines” can be likened to sherry or dessert wine and enjoyed before, during or after a meal. Rottcher are well known as “The Pride of the Lowveld” as the drinks possess natural goodness and the unique promise of enjoyment. Selecting from the interesting flavours of Orange, Dry Orange, Orange & Ginger, Orange & Chilli or Clementine you soon realise that you can enjoy another zesty drink from Rottcher …..Anywhere….Anytime!

Distilling Process:

Distilling is essentially the process whereby a liquid made of two or more parts is separated into smaller parts of desired purity by the addition and subtraction of heat from the mixture.

The vapours/liquids distilled will be richer in content than any of their ingredients that have lower boiling points.

Distilled spirits are produced from agricultural raw materials such as grapes, other fruit, sugar-cane, molasses, potatoes, cereals, etc.

Frank has embraced his passion for distilling and has launched his own drier version of the ever popular Limoncello, a well know traditional Italian liqueur.

Limoncello liqueur is double distilled and infused with lemon according to our own unique recipe.




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